We Connect the World

The Bitcoin protocol as described in the whitepaper has more to offer than just a decentralized cryptocurrency. At its core it formalizes value transfers of any kind into network graphs, and thereby allows for the first time to formalize capitalism itself. The Cambridge Metanet Society works on protocols and applications that reach from integrating the developing world into the global economy with trustless systems to platforms that redefine the global news publishing landscape.

Economic Consensus

Bitcoin's security model is a game theoretical economic one, despite the predominant assumption of being purely cryptographic. We host lectures and speeches on the inner workings, interactions and implications of the Bitcoin protocol for all parties involved.

Blockchain Technology

To understand the impact of blockchains, its integral to understand the theories behind the implementations and the opportunities they offer. Each year, we start to provide a very basic introduction and then continue to cover the many yet little understood details.

Application Development

Blockchain adoption is just at an early stage, just like the internet was 30 years ago. In those early times, new ideas evolve and might one day be integral parts of our daily lives. We host coding tutorials, programming weekends and quarterly coding competitions.


Geolocation Based Exploration


Redefining Knowledge


A Cooperative Online Game